Empty Promises

Empty promises hold us together by an alcoholic thread

You would rather wrap your arms around a bottle and betray my heart

"It wont happen again" rolls of your tongue as you lick the liquor off your lips

It's impossible to beat the liquid mistress until you realize the whore is robbing you - of the love that is loving you

When you finally understand that she can't keep you warm at night.....will I still be here?


The China doll disturbs me

She seems inauthentic

The toxicity of her words with that carefully painted porcelain face

The irony of her poison, polluting me with wicked amusement 

The essence of my beliefs should shatter that vitrified face

I yank her of my minds shelf, smashing her into a thousand pieces and scream "Fuck you self doubt!"

Then carefully crush every splinter to dust

But this time, instead of sweeping her under the rug

I throw the grit into the sea, before she can be glued back together again.....